We invite you to the mountains of Virginia…

fall foliage

The Inayati young adult and Ruhaniat youth councils have combined their energies to host an inter-order gathering. We collectively hope to send out a call worldwide to all aged 18-39 to join us in the mountains of Virginia. We invite them to dance with us, lead with us, sing with us, laugh with us, and pray with us. The intention behind the inception of the gathering is to create a space for the youth and young adult community. A space where the youth will grow close, build community and become leaders. Giving all a space to teach or speak or sing or paint or host a healing session. Holding to heart the wishes of our community we present Sufi Young Adult Gathering. We invite you to Anahata, the community in the forest. Come jump in the river with us. Come laugh over coffee with us. We can’t wait to see you!

About the Councils:

The Inayati Young Adults Council (or YA Council) is a young-adult run, creative, vital, and egalitarian part of the Inayati Order dedicated to realizing the Message in our time by providing community, spiritual gatherings, support, leadership development opportunities, and embodied outlets for young adults aged 18-39 within or interested in the Sufi path of spiritual liberty. The Council strives to embody an authentic expression of the Message in our time through conscious relationship with the Earth, growth of personal awareness and attunement, unity with all religions and spiritual traditions, and explicit inclusion of all gender identities, sexual orientations, races, creeds, and nationalities. More Info

The Ruhaniat youth, young adults and younger leader community is a vibrant, loosely-networked group of open hearted young adults and teenagers invested in the realization of love, harmony and beauty in our lives and in the world family. A Sufi’s house of worship is the human heart, wherein dwells the Divine Beloved. We hold a Universalist world view based on the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel Lewis, seeing and honoring the truth in all religions and spiritual traditions, known and unknown. The council has worldwide network of ambassadors based on personal relationships, and gives scholarships to 30+ youth per year. An international youth jam is held every 2 years. More Info

Murshid Sam and Pir Vilayat