a place of learning 


renewal & healing 

harmony & cooperation 

authentic connection 

creative expression 


nature immersion 

inclusive spirituality 

service to all

Immerse yourself in the healing and serenity of nature. The riverfront area, abundant wildlife, dance/yoga pavilion, sacred pine ridge, walking trails, and breathtaking views inspire.

Anahata is non-denominational, inclusive, interfaith and welcoming of diversity.

About Anahata:

“Anahata is a loving community and  gathering place situated on 47 pristine acres along the Little River in Floyd County, Virginia. We are incorporated as a church and education center, and consider ourselves to be a nature sanctuary as well. 

We are a multi-faceted community of friends, couples and families, gardeners, chefs, musicians, artists, healers, educators, counselors/coaches, and spiritual practitioners seeking to live from the heart and co-create a more beautiful world.

Since 1995, we have explored the sacred interrelation of people, nature and the cosmos.  We have striven to create a sustainable and mutually thriving connection with nature and each other.  We invite you to come explore, learn and share with us as we live from the ‘Anahata’ – a Sanskrit word for the heart center.”

Early Stay Worktrade Mon-Thurs

Live and work in a spiritual community. Normal workdays are 4-5 hours in exchange for room & board. Contact Anahata directly to arrange an early stay, longer terms also available. Find out more about intern opportunities on their website .

Anahata says ” We create together! What do we create? Beauty, structure, art, sustainability, permaculture gardens, building additions, goddess gardens, rock and earth sculptures, fences, landscapes, murals, events, beautiful spaces to live and dream in, dreamcatchers, fountains, pathways, staircases, orchards, greenhouse roofs, mushroom beds, a full root cellar, a pantry lined with canned tomatoes and applesauce, and unforgettable connections. We grow fruits, flowers, vegetables, chicks. We create amazingly nutritious delicious meals for each other. “

All early stays must be pre arranged with Anahata directly. Email Kathryn Ashera at Phone for messages 540-745-5811. They speak German, English, and Spanish. They can tailor the work to suite your skills. Contact Anahata

Anahata Education Center
811 Dobbins Farm Rd NE (Mail: 144 Anahata Circle Drive NE)
Floyd, VA 24091

Celebration Center phone ~ leave messages ~ (540) 745-5811. Connect on Facebook

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