Enliven & Sustain our Youth

Love is a work that depends on God – Hafiz

A message from the camp director:

Remember your first camp? Hitchhiking to the land, pitching a tent, helping carry food up the long mountain paths. No bells and whistles, just divine fire and community. Falling in love. Listening to my parent’s tales of ‘the early days’, seeking answers in their 20s and 30s, waiting tables, reading HIK, following their teacher to India, to the west coast. How transformative it was for them to be initiated, incorporated into their sufi family. Luckily raised within it, I went seeking, and discovered on my wandering of the earth that sufis are everywhere. Nomadic, knocking on doors from Austria to Hawaii, and in every place I was embraced, enlivened and sustained by either Inayati, Ruhaniat, or DUP contacts.

Thriving upon the web of light woven by previous generations, I wish to pay forward the gifts I’ve been given. After listening to the youth for more than ten years at a myriad of camps and centers, it became clear that the best service is to provide them with a stable platform to spring from. They felt no opportunities were available within their local dynamics to learn to lead or teach, and thus hesitated from lack of practicing their craft. So here we have it. A place to stretch into a new self. To be recognized and appreciated and heard by your peers. Now we, the councils, the next generation of young leaders, sound the call out.

It is of the utmost importance to foster the spiritual growth of our youth. Let’s spread our arms wide to embrace our younger leaders, not limit them. The youth who leads for the first time now may sow the seeds of light far and wide in the future.

In Gratitude, Anael Surya

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